Santa Cecilia and Sonoton Music

JP and I started writing production music for TV and film around 1995. Our first gig was writing music for Entertainment Tonight. We wrote somewhere around 300 minutes of music for that show. Paramount later took all of that music and put it into their music library. After that our music got used on everything […]

Writing music and producing other artists

One of the cool things about writing music for music libraries is that you never know where your music is going to turn up. Last year someone sent us an e-mail saying how much they liked our pieces that are in “Far Cry 3”. Neither JP or I are gamers so we had no idea. […]

Gigs, Pandora and the Christmas CD

This Friday night and next Friday night JP and Liza will be performing their duo at Viva Cantina in Burbank. We will be doing some Incendio songs as well our versions of Classical Gas, 867-5309 and lots more. Check out our schedule for details. We are starting to work on our Christmas CD again. It’s […]