Incendio Live - 2017 (c) Keith Huylebroeck
Summer Tour and Fun Highlights


Incendio is heading off on the many legs of our summers music and artistry that will entertain and get your little twinkle toes dancing. We will also have a variety of CD’s including our Christmas CD and a new EP that you will all love!

We had some wonderful shows so far this year at the Oxnard Performing Arts Center and Old Town Temecula Theater – at both, we performed with the full six piece band. In Temecula, we rocked hard with Chris Trujillo on percussion and Aubrey Richmond on violin. In Oxnard, Al Velasquez Jr. percussed for us and Carey Frank played the mighty Hammond B3. At both shows, the incredible Arleen Hurtado danced to our music and traded fours with drummer Tim Curle on “Misterioso”.

At the beginning of the year some of our talented friends from overseas came to join us for some shows. The inscrutable and witty Spanish guitarist and composer Mark Barnwell came all the way from Cornwall to inspire us with his musicianship and crack us up with his jokes, though they often had to be explained to JP. Then guitarist/actor/producer Sam Hardy, also from across the pond, came out and played a few tunes with us. Evidence of these jams reside on youtube.

After talking with some of our other local guitarists pals, we thought some Latin guitar nights would be something new and fun. Recently, Incendio (Jean-Pierre Durand, Jim Stubblefield, Liza Carbe and Tim Curle) performed with Luis Villegas & Jose Garcia. Further collaborations with folks like Ben Woods, David Correa, Dan Sistos and other musician pals are being planned. At our first summit in Venice CA, it was a six-string explosion of Latin rhythms and melodies enjoyed by all. How many guitarists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?? Who knows? We were all busy playing guitar!