Incendio in October, 2013


In the news today!! Incendio is heading back up to Eugene Oregon to perform once again with the amazing Ballet Fantastique. We will be rehearsing and doing out reach programs October 15th through the 17th. The main shows are October 18th, 19th and 20th. Ballet Fantastique is performing “Zorro” choreographed to our music, four songs from the new CD and more, and the music of Kim Angelis. Kim is an incredible violinist and we are looking forward to this collaboration of music and dance. Incendio and Kim will be performing in the pit orchestra live while the ballet dances. You won’t want to miss this!!
For more information go to
Or go to The Hult Center, 1 Eugene Center, Eugene, Oregon 7401, 541.682.5087-541.682.5000

In other news Incendio will be performing every Tuesday night in October (except the 15th because we will be in Oregon), at Lucy’s 51 a little bar/restaurant in Toluca Lake, from 9pm to midnight. It’s at 10149 Riverside Drive, Toluca Lake, CA 91602. It’s about 3 blocks west of the famous Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank. We will also be having special guest sit in with us…Very fun! The amazing Steve Trovato played a song with us at Guitar Nights in Pasadena last week. What an inspiring musician and person! We hope to see all of you there.

A Christmas CD is on the way!!