Gigs, Pandora and the Christmas CD


This Friday night and next Friday night JP and Liza will be performing their duo at Viva Cantina in Burbank. We will be doing some Incendio songs as well our versions of Classical Gas, 867-5309 and lots more. Check out our schedule for details.

We are starting to work on our Christmas CD again. It’s always a little bizarre playing “We Three Kings” in March but that’s the deal! We are all excited about the unique arrangements that we are coming up with for all the Christmas favorites.

As for the year, it is shaping up nicely. We will be seeing our friends on the east coast at the end of July and into August. One tour of the Northwest will be in July, starting at the California World Festival and working our way up to Islands Folk Festival on Vancouver Island.

There will be some great gigs in town as always. It will be our first time at the Levitt Pavilion in Macarthur Park on June 20th. So we hope to see you all there!

Pandora is now playing almost all of our CD’s. They just added “The Shape of Dreams” and “Vihuela”. Yay!!
Stay posted for more updates. There is always something fun going on :~)