Summer tour, Texas and New Mexico


We started our summer tour with three great shows in Texas. We went from San Marcos to Pearland and ended up in Austin. It’s always great to visit our friends and the audiences are always so warm and happy to see us!

After returning to Los Angeles we played for The Rage for Justice awards. Wow!! What an amazing group of people! These folks go to bat for the underdog and victims. Check out It was an honor to be part of this awards celebration.

Then we were off to New Mexico. Well we have all been trying not to worry and be in the moment. So when Bryan went to the emergency room with kidney stones and didn’t make the flight we all got to really test out our new philosophy. After calling several percussionists in Albuquerque we finally found Miguel. He showed up 3 hours before the show and having only briefly heard our music proceeded to just kill the gig. The audience loved him and so did we. Thank thank you!!