Writing music and producing other artists


One of the cool things about writing music for music libraries is that you never know where your music is going to turn up. Last year someone sent us an e-mail saying how much they liked our pieces that are in “Far Cry 3”. Neither JP or I are gamers so we had no idea. We checked it out only to find that three of our pieces are being played on a radio station inside the game. To our surprise,
La Bruja De San Martin, a piece where JP raps in Spanish is quite popular. Serpent Dance and Raices De Tradition are two of the other pieces they have playing on the radio station. I can see why people get so into these games. The whole thing is so real that you can get lost in it. Which can be a great thing to do sometimes:~)

We have also been hearing our music on “Dexter”, which is our new addiction, and on Burn Notice. Very cool!

So, now that Incendio is home for a while JP and I are producing a CD for our good friend Danna Aliano. What a voice! We are getting our rock and blues fix with this project for sure.  Dannaaliano.com   We will be posting the music as soon as it’s done, and that should be soon! We produced her CD “Ripe” back in 1997 and then toured Finland for a month. Vodka, salmiak and lots of drunk Fins, oh my. Great memories